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Our team of designers can breathe life into sophisticated web-based projects


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Our unique partnership draws on expertise across a wide spectrum of specialities.

We produce outstanding web systems that get to the core of what our clients need. Whether your need a bespoke Management Information System, internal web systems or even a simple website with some challenging integration work, we’re here to help.

Founded in 2014, we have produced outstanding results for a wide range of clients. 

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Anthony McQuillan

For over 20 years, Anthony has led and developed information systems within the voluntary and government sectors, building sophisticated IT solutions for a disparate range of needs in organisations across the UK.

He has led teams of developers and managers working with data from many diverse sources to produce reporting tools that better illuminate the benefits of practical projects. Anthony also has vast experience of managing projects in the voluntary sector, working with all types of partners to deliver successful outcomes.

George Munroe

From the early days of the web, George has played a leading role in its deployment in academia, and then business, at home and in developing countries.

He was the founder and managing director of one of Ireland’s first privately-owned internet service provider for ten years, and is now a director in several technology companies. He has led several teams in providing software products and systems solutions for specific clients. He regularly takes workshops on the latest web technologies around the UK.

Christine Cahoon

Within academia and business Christine’s computing career has spanned over thirty years, initially managing critical equipment in a university computer centre, from where she moved to systems analyst and became an active participant in a number of local and national world wide web initiatives, often with a leading role. Since leaving academe in 1998, she has directed operations in a number of Northern Ireland companies.

Christine takes responsibility for customer satisfaction and support. Her technical skills range across web site creation and systems management.

Miles Sibley

Miles has over 20 years of experience in strategy and communications within the public and voluntary sectors. He has worked on management information systems that support internal monitoring and project delivery. But he is equally interested in how management information can help an organisation to tell its story to the outside world.

Miles looks at “the story behind the statistics” – putting customer/beneficiary experience alongside the numbers to help organisations explain why their service matters.

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